September Birthstone - Sapphire

Known for its deep, ocean blue hue, Sapphire also comes in a rainbow of colours. It symbolises wisdom, serenity and focus.

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Sapphire Birthstone Jewellery

Those born in the month of September can count themselves lucky to have the stunning blue sapphire stone as their birthstone. A beautiful gift for birthdays or any special occasion, the sapphire stone is also a popular choice for engagement rings, promise rings and wedding bands.

  • What is the official birthstone for September?

    The official birthstone for September is sapphire.

    Known for its striking blue colour, sapphire jewellery has been associated with royalty and nobility for thousands of years, and is popular in engagement and wedding jewellery as well as birthstone jewellery.

  • What colours are sapphires?

    While the sapphire is most famously a deep blue colour, it actually comes in a rainbow of colours including green, yellow and pink.

    Sapphires are from the corundum family of minerals, and corundum comes in a variety of colours depending on the trace elements that are in the stone. There are no red sapphires, because red corundum is what we know as a ruby!

  • How do I take care of my sapphire jewellery?

    Sapphire gems are quite hard wearing, second in hardness only to diamonds, but still need to be worn with care to ensure long lasting shine.

    Remove your sapphire jewellery before showering, swimming or cleaning, and store it safely in a jewellery box. Any jewellery worn regularly will be exposed to dirt and oils from the skin, and should be wiped with a jewellery cleaning cloth after wear or cleaned with warm, soapy water on occasion. All sapphire jewellery can be brought into Michael Hill for complimentary, professional cleaning.

  • How do I style my sapphire jewellery?

    Sapphire jewellery makes a stunning statement and can be worn alone with striking effect, or styled with other jewellery in a way that represents your personal style.

    Sapphires look beautiful set in both sterling silver and gold, and pair well with diamonds in earrings, bracelets and rings. A sapphire ring is a popular choice as an engagement ring, and can be stacked with a diamond wedding band and eternity ring for added sparkle. A sapphire necklace can also be layered with chain necklaces for an eye catching, modern look. Don’t be afraid to experiment with different combinations when styling your sapphire jewellery, finding a look that captures your personality.