November Birthstone - Citrine

The perfect gift for that special someone born in November, shop our range of sterling silver and gold citrine jewellery.

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Citrine Birthstone Jewellery

If you or someone you love is born in November, then Citrine Birthstone Jewellery might be just what you’re looking for. Warm and bright, this sun-coloured gemstone will light up its wearer, inside and out.

  • What is the official birthstone for November?

    There are two official birthstones for November, citrine and topaz. This came about because the November birthstone colour is a deep yellow, and throughout much of history all yellow gemstones were considered to be topaz. More recently it has been discovered that many yellow gemstones are actually citrine, a variety of quartz that ranges from pale yellow to honey in colour. As a result, both are now considered official birthstones for November.

  • What is the meaning of Citrine?

    Sometimes referred to as the “light maker”, citrine was in ancient times believed to carry the power of the sun, and bring luck and light to those who wore or carried it. It was particularly believed to bring financial prosperity, and is often referred to as the merchant’s stone. These days, the citrine birthstone is still associated with positivity and light, and believed to bring sunshine to all areas of your life. Citrine jewellery is thought to bring its wearer increased self confidence, optimism and positivity.

  • How to wear citrine jewellery?

    How you wear your citrine jewellery is up to you, and we recommend styling it in a way that makes you most comfortable and confident. This may be wearing your citrine jewellery alone or paired with diamond jewellery, or combining it with other popular gemstones such as ruby rings and amethyst earrings. Citrine gemstones look stunning paired with yellow gold jewellery for a delightfully sunny effect, and also provide a striking contrast to sterling silver and white gold.