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Acknowledge a deep commitment with someone you love by gifting a promise ring for men or women from Michael Hill.

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At Michael Hill, we’ve been for love since 1979, and what better way to show your love for that special person in your life than giving them the gift of a promise ring. Browse our wide selection of promise rings to find the perfect fit for your forever.

  • What is a promise ring?

    A promise ring is a ring that symbolises a deep and long term friendship or romantic commitment.

    Usually made of a precious metal and featuring diamonds or gemstones, a promise ring most often resembles a smaller version of an engagement ring, but can really take any form. Infinity rings are also popular choices for a promise band. What’s most important is the intention - promise rings are given as a way to show a loved one you care, and will always be there for them. For more information on promise rings, click here.

  • Are there promise rings for men?

    Promise rings for men are certainly becoming more popular, and any men’s ring can be gifted as a promise ring to signify a long term romantic commitment. A men’s promise ring can be a simple band crafted from sterling silver, gold, titanium or tungsten, or can incorporate precious stones such as diamonds. Promise rings for men are popular gifts to display the strength of your bond, and can also be worn during an engagement. A couple may choose to select a pair of promise rings together when they want to make a commitment to one another.

  • Which finger does a promise ring go on?

    Promise rings can be worn on any finger you choose, however as they are commonly given prior to an engagement ring, promise rings are often worn on the ring finger of the left hand. After an engagement you may choose to move your promise band to the ring finger of the right hand, or stack it with your engagement ring and wedding bands. Still, there is no rule as to which finger you should wear your promise ring on, and it can be worn however feels most authentic to your personal style. You may even choose to wear your promise ring around your neck on a sterling silver or gold chain necklace, so that it’s close to your heart.

  • Do promise rings have to match?

    When selecting promise rings for couples, you might like to select two rings that you feel complement each other. For example, they could be crafted from the same precious metal or feature a stone of the same size and colour. If you and your partner have very different styles, or prefer different metals, it is absolutely fine to select two very different promise rings - what’s important is the lifetime commitment you are making to one another.