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Discover our range of beautiful pear shaped engagement rings at Michael Hill.

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Pear shaped diamond rings at Michael Hill

Explore our beautiful range of pear shaped diamond engagement rings at Michael Hill.

Pear cut diamonds are one of the most popular and timeless shapes for engagement rings. Combining vintage elegance with a touch of individuality, pear cut diamonds are a favourite alternative to the classic round brilliant and princess cuts.

  • What is a pear cut diamond?

    Named after their shape resembling a pear fruit, pear cut diamonds – sometimes referred to as teardrop diamonds - have a round edge and a tapered tip, for a unique and elongated look. Pear shaped diamonds are a type of brilliant cut, meaning they are cut for maximum sparkle.

    Pear cut diamonds have an old-world romance (having originated around the 15th Century), but are on-trend to this day thanks to their unique, pointed shape, large look, and the ability to elongate your fingers.


  • How do you wear a pear cut diamond?

    Pear cut diamonds are unique because they can we worn in two different ways according to your preference. It is most common for brides to wear a pear shaped diamond ring with the tapered end, or tip of the diamond, pointing away from the hand and towards the fingernails. However you can also wear your ring with the tip pointing towards your hand. By “flipping” the way these rings are usually worn, you will instantly have an individual and modern appearance. It’s entirely up to your personal style and which look you prefer.

    Pear shaped diamonds are beautiful in a solitaire engagement ring setting, as this allows you to show off the diamond’s unique shape. They are also stunning surrounded by a halo of diamonds, which amplifies the sparkle and shape of your pear cut diamond.