June Birthstone - Pearl

Pearls are often sought in white but also come in a range of beautiful shades. They symbolise wisdom, perseverance, and integrity.

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  • What is June’s birthstone?

    The birthstone for June is pearl. A beautiful piece of pearl jewellery, such as pearl earrings, a pearl pendant or ring, is the perfect gift for June birthdays, as it is a thoughtful and personalised gift. Birthstones have their roots in ancient history. They are gems that have been linked to certain months of the year, and they are believed to have special significance for people whose birthday falls within that month.


  • What is a pearl?

    Pearls are a gemstone unlike any other, because they are the only one that is created by living creatures. Pearls are formed when molluscs such as oysters and clams get an irritant inside their shell. They cover the irritant with a material called nacre, which over years builds up and the end result is a lustrous, beautiful pearl.

    Pearls are relatively ‘soft’ compared to other gemstones, so they should be treated with care. Avoid knocking your pearl against hard surfaces, and when you take off your pearl jewellery, store it in a jewellery box away from harder gemstones which might scratch it.


  • What is the symbolism of pearls?

    Pearls are believed to represent wisdom, perseverance, and integrity. When you consider how pearls are created, it is easy to see how such symbolism came to be attached to them.

    For many years pearls were also associated with royalty. This is because they were highly sought-after for their beauty since ancient times, making them extremely valuable – so much so, that often only the aristocratic class could afford them, and in some cultures pearls were even reserved for royalty to wear alone, as a rule.


  • Are pearls in fashion?

    Commonly known as the world’s oldest gem, it’s safe to say that pearls have always been in fashion. With new designs and creative ways of wearing pearls, they’re also entirely modern.

    The most classic piece of pearl jewellery is a pearl strand necklace. This style will add a beautiful glow to your look, and it’s elegant enough that you can wear it as your sole piece of jewellery and it will instantly elevate your outfit.

    Equally timeless but with more of a modern edge, pearl rings, pearl earrings, and pearl pendants that feature a single pearl paired with gold or silver are a must-have in your jewellery collection. These styles can be worn on their own or layered with other pieces. For an on-trend look, try layering a yellow gold pearl pendant with a plain yellow gold chain; or, if you have multiple ear piercings, wear your pearl earrings with a minimalist stud or mini hoop on top, in a matching metal colour.