Stone Set Necklaces & Pendants

Bring some sparkle with our stunning range of stone set necklaces and pendants at Michael Hill, including coloured gems and pearls.

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Gemstone necklaces and pendants at Michael Hill

Stone set jewellery is the perfect way to give your look an instant, colourful lift. At Michael Hill we have a wide range of beautiful gemstone necklaces and pendants, so you can find the perfect piece to bring colour everyday or to a special occasion outfit.

  • What types of stone necklaces and pendants are in style?

    A stone set pendant or necklace allows you to bring out your individual style, by expressing yourself in your favourite colour, wearing your birthstone, or choosing a gem with symbolism that resonates with you, for a personal touch.

    A pearl pendant or necklace will always be in style, as this is a timeless and elegant gem. A style featuring a single gemstone pendant is also a versatile choice, as you can wear it day to day for a touch of colour, or layer with other necklaces for a bolder look. Many of our cross pendants also feature stones.

    An eye-catching pendant featuring a gemstone cluster, diamond halo, or unique shape, is perfect for the times when you want to make more of a style statement.


  • Can you wear a pearl pendant everyday?

    Pearls have for a long time been associated with special occasions, because of their elegant appearance. It’s no wonder that they are thought of this way – pearls have been highly valued for thousands of years, and have often been reserved for royalty alone to wear.

    But these days, there is no reason why you can’t wear a pearl pendant or strand of pearls for an everyday occasion. A single pearl pendant on a precious metal chain will elevate every look, from your work wear to jeans and a t-shirt, without appearing overstated. This is also a highly modern way to include pearls in your jewellery wardrobe. A classic strand of pearls is glamorous, but you can work them into your everyday look nonetheless. You will find that the pearls stand out on their own, so you can keep the rest of your jewellery minimal and still look polished.