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Add an extra touch of shine to your look with our selection of stunning and versatile sterling silver earrings.

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Silver earrings at Michael Hill

Silver earrings from Michael Hill are a must-have addition to your jewellery collection. From simple stud earrings that will dress up your everyday look, to delicate thread earrings, classic hoops, silver opal jewellery, and statement drop earrings, our range includes beautiful earrings to suit your personal style or to dress up an outfit for a special occasion.

Go for extra sparkle with your silver earrings by opting for diamond earrings, pearl earrings or gemstone earrings set in sterling silver.

  • What is sterling silver?

    You have probably noticed the title of sterling silver on jewellery. Just like gold jewellery is available in different carat levels, which specify the purity of the gold, sterling silver is the term for jewellery-grade silver. Silver used for jewellery is generally an alloy, for the perfect mix of beautiful shine and durability. Sterling silver is 92.5 per cent pure silver.

    Just as Michael Hill has Our Gold Standard for customers’ peace of mind, our silver jewellery is made with sterling silver so you can be assured of its quality.