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Shop our wide range of hoop earrings, from huggie and sleeper styles to large statement hoops.

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Hoop earrings at Michael Hill

Discover our wide range of hoop earrings at Michael Hill. You can find hoops crafted in 10ct gold or sterling silver, for beautiful and lasting shine. They’re the perfect piece for your jewellery box that you’ll wear time and time again.

  • What are the different types of hoop earrings?

    At Michael Hill our wide variety of hoop earrings ranges from fine to heavy styles, and small ear-hugging styles to big and bold hoops, so whatever look you are after you’re sure to find it here.

    For everyday wear, or if you simply prefer a style that sits closer to your earlobe, the best types will be mini hoops, sleeper earrings, and smaller hoops up to around 20mm.

    Hoop earrings can range from these small styles, to eye-catching sizes around 70mm (or larger!). You can also find a range of unique and beautiful designs, such as half-hoops, twisted hoops, multiple-hoop styles, and hoop earrings adorned with pearls, coloured gemstones, or diamonds.

    At Michael Hill you can find hoop earrings in every size and width, with a range of unique designs. Our earrings are crafted in precious metal, so they will be treasured pieces in your jewellery collection that you can wear again and again. Find your favourite look, including yellow gold, white gold, and rose gold hoops, as well as sterling silver.

  • Do hoop earrings suit everyone?

    Hoop earrings are great for everyone, because there are so many different sizes and styles available to help you find your perfect look.

    If you’re unsure how to start wearing hoops, try a close-fitting style first. Huggies and mini hoops will give you a beautiful touch of sparkle without feeling too dramatic. Hoop earrings with a fine width are also perfect if you are after an understated look. Hoops with a chunkier width or larger size will naturally draw the attention and provide more of a statement look.

    You can also choose the perfect shade of metal to suit you and your style, from white, yellow, or rose gold, to sterling silver. If you are unsure which colour to choose, start by matching your hoops to the colour of jewellery that you usually wear, for an easy way to create a put-together look.

  • How do I style hoop earrings?

    Hoop earrings are perfect worn on their own, whether you choose a dainty mini or fine-width design, or a bolder style. They will add just the right touch of sparkle and polish to your look, and as they frame your face, they’ll instantly make your look more elevated. This sort of jewellery look is perfect for work, or weekends when you want to add a little special touch to a casual outfit.

    Use your hoops as a starting point and style the rest of your jewellery around them. Pair them with a chain or pendant necklace, bracelet, and rings in the same colour, or mix up your metals for a unique look.

    If you have a statement piece of jewellery to wear, such as a necklace or fashion ring, your hoops are also the perfect piece to style alongside it, as they’re versatile and help tie your look together without overshadowing your statement piece.

    Hoop earrings are also a great choice for more formal occasions. You can keep your look simple and polished by pairing your hoops with other jewellery in the same metal colour, or go for more of a glamorous look with hoops that are set with diamonds, coloured gemstones, or pearls.