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Discover our beautiful selection of pearl necklaces and pearl pendants.

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Pearl Necklaces & Pendants at Michael Hill

At Michael Hill we have a range of stunning necklace and pendant designs featuring pearls, from classic strands of pearls to simple pendants set in precious metal, and styles paired with diamonds or gemstones for extra sparkle.

  • What do pearl necklaces and pendants symbolise?

    Pearls are the birthstone for June, and are believed to represent wisdom, perseverance, and integrity. Pearls have been one of the most loved and sought-after gems for centuries and across many cultures, and they have also been believed to represent purity, beauty, and wealth – especially in some cultures, such as Ancient Rome, where pearls were so highly valued they were only allowed to be worn by the noble class.

    The deep symbolism surrounding pearls has to do with the unique way they are formed. Pearls are the only gem created by living creatures, and in the wild, they are extraordinarily rare to find. As a beautiful and mystical product of nature, it’s no wonder pearls have often been believed to have a little bit of magic around them!

    Give someone special a strand of pearls or a pearl pendant for a beautiful gift that symbolises wisdom, perseverance, beauty, and more. For an extra meaningful gift, pearls are perfect for your loved ones with a birthday in June.

  • Is a pearl necklace or pendant a good anniversary gift?

    Pearl jewellery is the perfect gift for your 30th wedding anniversary, as pearl is the traditional symbol for this milestone. 30 years of marriage is a special and significant milestone of love, achieved with time, patience, and wisdom – which is beautifully reflected in the way pearls themselves are formed.

    Pearls are created by molluscs, and they take years to form. The end result is something truly beautiful, which is only achieved through resilience and care, just like your long and happy marriage.

    While pearl is the traditional symbol for 30th wedding anniversaries, you could also give your partner a gift of pearl jewellery to celebrate any anniversary. With their beautiful appearance, precious nature and significant symbolism, pearls are the perfect gift to show your love.

  • How do I style a pearl necklace or pendant?

    Pearls add an instant touch of elegance to every look and occasion, so they are easy to style with just about anything.

    A strand of pearls is one of the most timeless and classic jewellery and necklace styles. You can wear one on its own to instantly add glamour to everything from a cocktail dress to corporate outfit or a simple t-shirt and jeans.

    Pearl pendants will give you more of an understated look, while still bringing shine and elegance. Work a pearl pendant into your jewellery look by choosing one that’s set in the same metal colour as the rest of your jewellery, such as your earrings, bracelet or bangle, and rings, for a simple way to create a put-together look. Or, layer a singular pearl pendant with one or two other precious metal chains to create a lustrous and textured look.