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Michael Hill makes searching for the perfect bracelet or bangle easy, with our beautiful selection of women’s and men’s bracelets in sterling silver and yellow, white or rose gold.

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Choosing the perfect bracelet or bangle.

Women’s and men’s bracelets come in a range of styles, from fine chain bracelets to solid sterling silver or gold bangles or identity bracelets. Whatever style you’re after, for yourself or someone special, we have the perfect bracelet for you at Michael Hill.

  • What are popular styles of bracelets?

    There are many styles of bracelets, and the bracelet style you choose should reflect your personality and tastes, or those of your loved one. For men, chunky chain bracelets are a popular choice, as are identity bracelets that can be engraved with his initials or a special message. These styles are also popular for women, and can be layered with charm bracelets, infinity bracelets or solid sterling silver or gold bangles. A diamond tennis bracelet is a very popular choice for a gift, a special way to show how much you care, while a heart bracelet complements both modern and traditional styles and will be treasured for years to come.

  • Can you wear bracelets on both wrists?

    How you wear your precious bracelets is up to you, and you can certainly wear bracelets on both wrists. You may prefer to wear several bracelets layered on the same wrist, or wear a mix of bracelets on both wrists. Some people like to wear their bracelets and bangles on the same wrist as their watch, whereas others prefer to wear them on the opposite wrist. This may change if you have everyday belcher bracelets and friendship bracelets that you change out for occasion pieces such as tennis bracelets or pearl bracelets. Feel free to play around with different combinations to find the style that feels most comfortable for you.

  • How do I know my bangle size?

    At Michael Hill our sterling silver and yellow, white and rose gold bangles come in a range of sizes, from 14cm long baby bracelets to 23cm men’s bracelets. Women’s bracelets tend to range from 17cm to 23cm in length. Many of these have a number of links for fastening, so the size is adjustable to your wrist length, but some styles do not - such as solid bangles. To discover the size that is right for you for a bracelet style that opens and fastens, take a piece of string, ribbon or paper and wrap around your wrist, cutting to size. Measure this against a ruler or tape measure to discover the size of your wrist, and ensure the bracelet you purchase is this length or longer. To find your bangle size (slip on styles), take another piece of string or paper and wrap it around your knuckles and thumb - the widest part of your hand when putting on a bangle. Cut to size and make into a circle, measuring the diameter. This length will be your bangle size.