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Discover gold bracelets and bangles at Michael Hill, from classic bangles and chain bracelets to unique designs. Choose from yellow, rose, or white gold, crafted in minimum 10ct gold for durability and lasting shine.

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Gold Bracelets and Bangles at Michael Hill

Discover the perfect addition to your jewellery collection, or a beautiful gift idea, with our range of gold bangles and bracelets at Michael Hill. Find your favourite, including rose gold bracelets, yellow and white styles.

  • What is the difference between bracelets and bangles?

    Both bracelets and bangles are worn on your wrist. A bracelet refers to a flexible style with movement. You will most commonly find bracelets in chain styles, such as belcher bracelets, Figaro bracelets, Singapore or rope chain bracelets. Bracelets are also available in adjustable styles, which allow you to customise your fit and which make it easier when choosing a gift for someone special. Tennis bracelets are another popular style, which feature a continuous row of diamonds set in precious metal.

    A bangle, on the other hand, refers to a solid style with a rigid shape. Bangles are often slip-on designs, or they might come with a hinged opening. Gold bangles, whether yellow, white, or rose gold, offer an elegant and minimalist look for your wrist.


  • Can I wear more than one bracelet or bangle?

    Bracelets and bangles are perfect for layering, just like necklaces and anklets. Choose pieces with the right fit for you, so that you get as much or as little movement as you like from your wrist stack.

    For a simple way to style your stack, pair a delicate bracelet and a bangle in the same colour of gold. You could also mix your metals – try yellow gold with white gold or sterling silver, or rose gold with white gold. And if you love an eclectic layered look, you don’t have to stop at two!

    If you want to bring gemstones into your wrist look, pay extra attention to how much movement your bracelets and bangles have. Pearls should be treated with care, so ensure that your other pieces, especially other gemstone or diamond pieces, won’t rub back and forth across your pearls.