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Find your new favourite bracelet or bangle with our sterling silver range at Michael Hill. All of our silver jewellery is crafted in 925 sterling silver, for shine that lasts.

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Choosing your silver bracelet or bangle

A timeless accessory that makes the perfect gift for a friend, a partner or even just yourself, you can never have too many sterling silver bracelets or bangles. A beautiful accent for your watch or sterling silver rings, silver bracelets can make a bold fashion statement or embody understated elegance, depending on how you style them.

  • How do I choose a size for my silver bangle or bracelet?

    To discover if a silver bracelet is the right size for you, take a piece of string or paper and cut it to the size of the bracelet, then place it around your wrist. It should be firm enough that it doesn’t fall off, but allow for 1-2 fingers to slip beneath it.

    To find your size for a slip-on bangle without an opening, you will need to place your thumb and forefinger together and measure the widest part of your hand, then compare this to the internal diameter measurement of the bangle.

  • How do I care for a silver bracelet?

    While silver is a beautiful and affordable metal it can tarnish over time, but this can be easily rectified with proper care such as storing and cleaning your sterling silver bracelet correctly.

    Avoid wearing your silver bracelet when swimming or showering, and when working with cleaning products or harsh chemicals. When it’s not on your wrist, safely store your silver bangle in its box or a jewellery box. Clean your silver bracelet regularly with a jewellery cleaning cloth, or in a solution of warm soapy water.

  • Can I match a silver bangle with other metals on the same wrist?

    Silver is a beautiful and versatile metal that pairs perfectly with both yellow and rose gold, and layering your silver bracelet with gold bangles or a gold watch can really make it pop.

    Experiment with mixing and layering different metals, as well as different silver bracelet styles, in a way that feels authentic to your personal style.

  • What style of silver bracelet can be worn with a watch?

    A silver bracelet worn with a watch is a classic combination, and you can layer any silver bracelet with a watch as long as it feels comfortable to wear.

    For a striking and chic look, pair your watch with a silver diamond tennis bracelet. For a more relaxed, contemporary feel, wear your watch with a combination of fine bracelets, such as a heart bracelet and infinity bracelet.