Zodiac Jewellery Gifts

Show your loved one that you know them with a beautiful gift of zodiac jewellery from Michael Hill. Zodiac jewellery is perfect for a birthday gift, but also makes a personalised gift for any occasion. Choose a piece in your loved one's star sign for a beautiful gift meant just for them.

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Choosing the perfect star sign jewellery

For a personalised jewellery gift that’s perfect for astrology lovers, look no further than our stunning range of zodiac jewellery. Available in sterling silver and 10ct gold, a Zodiac pendant from Michael Hill makes a beautiful birthday gift to treasure.

  • What is zodiac jewellery?

    Zodiac jewellery is any jewellery that symbolises your star sign, the astrological sign under which you were born based on your day and month of birth. Most zodiac jewellery features the symbol that is associated with a person’s star sign, and these symbols have been used for thousands of years.

    Your star sign is believed to influence your personality, and many people see their star sign as a large part of their identity. Wearing zodiac jewellery that features the symbol of your star sign is a way to express and communicate who you are.

  • How do I find out someone’s zodiac sign?

    To discover your loved one’s zodiac or star sign, you will first need to know their date of birth.

    Unlike birthstone jewellery, zodiac jewellery is influenced by the month and day of birth, so when trying to find your loved one’s zodiac sign be sure to consult a chart like this one. If you are unsure, you could also cross check and ask a close friend or family member of your loved one which star sign they identify as.

  • Is zodiac jewellery a good birthday gift?

    Zodiac jewellery makes a personal and thoughtful birthday gift that shows them how much you care.

    When selecting zodiac jewellery as a birthday gift you are choosing something uniquely personal that relates to the birthday itself. Selecting a sterling silver or 10ct gold zodiac necklace based on their personal preference also shows you have put time and thought into the gift. For a milestone birthday, consider pairing a zodiac necklace with a complementary pair of stud earrings or a longer gold chain necklace they can accessorise with.

  • How do you style a zodiac pendant with other necklaces?

    A zodiac pendant looks beautiful styled with other necklaces of the same precious metal but of varying different lengths.

    Pair your zodiac necklace from Michael Hill with an extra chain or two to create a layered, multi-necklace look. If your zodiac pendant sits on a 45cm chain for instance, select two other chains that are different lengths, for example a 50cm and 60cm chain necklace. Layer these with your zodiac necklace for an effortless, elegant look that will make you shine apart from the crowd.