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1 carat diamond jewellery at Michael Hill

Coveting an entire carat of diamonds? Explore our sparkling range of engagement rings, fashion rings, necklaces, earrings, and bracelets featuring 1 carat diamond solitaires, and 1 carat total weight multi-stone pieces.

  • What is a 1 carat diamond?

    A carat is the universal weight measurement for diamonds. While the carat is usually associated with the diamond’s size, it is actually a unit of weight. One carat is 1/5 of a gram.

    While two carats will appear larger than one, and three carats larger than two and so on, a carat does not have specific size measurements, because different diamond shapes and the quality of the diamond cut will all affect its proportions.

    The quality of your diamond’s cut is the most important of the Four Cs, because an expertly cut diamond will return the optimal amount of light, giving you beautiful sparkle whatever the carat size. So if it’s the maximum sparkle that you’re after, focus on the diamond’s cut grade rather than carat weight, and choose a brilliant cut; these feature multiple light-reflecting facets to give you exquisite brilliance.

    If it’s a large size appearance that you’re after, consider a multi-stone diamond ring or piece of jewellery. You can find stunning, sparkling pieces made up of multiple smaller stones that together equal 1 carat in total weight – such as halo or cluster styles - and they are often designed in such a way that the overall ring, earring, or pendant has an impressive size appearance. A diamond ring, diamond earrings, or pendant with 1 carat total weight of diamonds will also cost you less than a 1 carat solitaire.

  • Is a 1 carat diamond suitable for an engagement ring?

    Yes, a 1 carat diamond engagement ring is the most classic in terms of size, with 1 carat diamond solitaires being a sought-after standard. However the diamond ring you choose should be based more on the look you love most, and what suits your style and lifestyle, rather than a traditional idea of how large the ring should be.

    If it’s important to you to have 1 carat of diamonds for your engagement ring, consider the other characteristics of your diamond in order to find the look you love within your budget. For instance, if the most premium 1 carat solitaire is out of reach, you may need to compromise on its colour or clarity grade instead.

    You could also consider a 1 carat total weight diamond ring that is not a solitaire – such as a halo, three-stone, or cluster ring. By choosing a style with multiple smaller stones that together add up to 1 carat in weight, you will have a more budget-friendly option that still gives you impressive sparkle and size.

    Whichever aspect is most important to you, there are some key tips you can follow to find your perfect engagement ring within your budget.

  • Which diamond cut looks the largest?

    There are a few ways to get the maximum size appearance and sparkle for your diamond. The most important part to consider, before the overall shape of the diamond, is how well it is cut. A diamond with the best cut grade will be optimally proportioned and return the maximum amount of light, giving you more sparkle and therefore an impressive appearance.

    Round brilliant diamonds are a good shape to consider for maximum size appearance. Due to their multiple light-reflecting facets, round brilliant diamonds give you the most dazzling brilliance – meaning plenty of eye-catching sparkle. For rings, you could also opt for a diamond with a more elongated shape, such as oval, marquise, or emerald cuts. With their greater length-to-width ratio, styles like this will take up more space on your finger, naturally resulting in a larger size appearance.

    Some other tips for achieving a larger size appearance, without splashing out for a multiple-carat solitaire, include choosing a setting that maximises your stone’s appearance; for example, choosing a ring with a slender, dainty band will make your diamond look larger in comparison. A side-accent ring, which features a trail of tiny diamonds set into the band, will also amplify the look of your ring. For all types of diamond jewellery, including earrings and pendants, a halo design which surrounds your centre stone with a ring of smaller diamonds will add on to the sparkle and size of your piece.