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oval and pear cut three stone engagement rings in white gold

Engagement Ring Trends for 2024

Discover the key trends in engagement rings for 2024 (and beyond), with insights from our Design Director, Maria Then.

While trends shift, our contemporary bridal collections are designed and crafted with a focus on longevity. After all, an engagement ring is one of your truest forever-pieces; an enduring keepsake to mark a significant moment in your love story. While exploring trends is a perfect beginning point to inspire your journey in choosing an engagement ring, you can be assured that your piece, no matter how modern, is imbued with timeless beauty.

“Bridal trends are more reflective of societal values and mindsets, or on updating timeless styles to appeal to a modern bride, than on passing phases,” says Maria Then.

Discover what’s trending in bridal jewellery in 2024, and explore our beautifully crafted bridal collection to find the piece you love.

1. Love for Laboratory-Grown Diamonds

The most significant and exponentially growing trend in engagement rings (and in fine jewellery) is laboratory-grown diamonds. The number one trend for the last few years, the popularity of these extraordinary stones is not slowing down; and there are a few key reasons for this.

“You can have more fun with your ring,” explains Maria. “Laboratory-grown diamonds make it possible for more people to play with scale when it comes to their jewellery, so we are seeing a greater number of brides seeking solitaires larger than 1 carat.”

“We can also play with fancy cut stones. For many of these shapes to look their best you

need a premium diamond, with great colour and clarity, and laboratory-grown diamonds allow us to provide that at the sort of price point our customers are looking for.”

Not least, the growing love for laboratory-grown diamonds is also motivated by sustainability considerations.

“Sustainability is more than a ‘trend’, it’s a major shift in the public mind set. People’s values in this space are largely contributing to their purchasing decisions,” says Maria.

For those seeking a conscious choice, our range of laboratory-grown diamonds at Michael Hill are certified sustainable and climate-neutral – allowing you to choose a premium stone that also reflects your values.

2. New Takes on Traditional Shapes

While the round brilliant diamond remains the most-loved choice for timeless elegance, fancy cut stones (essentially every shape other than round) allow for a subtly – or obviously – unique engagement ring.

“The marquise is the most on-trend shape for 2024,” says Maria. This elegant, elongated cut is defined by its canoe-like shape which tapers to a point on either end. Markedly different to a classic round cut, the marquise is still timeless in a solitaire setting. For a more out-of-the-ordinary take, look for a multi-stone piece or a statement marquise eternity band.

“For a less fashion-driven, but still very on-trend shape, radiant and emerald cuts are among the most popular shapes too,” says Maria.

These straight-edged cuts offer a distinct point of difference to the classic round diamond, while giving enduring timelessness at the same time.

Other trending diamond shapes include pear and oval cuts.

3. More is More

While the solitaire ring is an enduring icon, it’s multi-stone engagement rings that are trending in 2024.

“Trilogy and two stone rings are a contemporary choice, and you can find as timeless or as unique a design as you like,” says Maria.

“In trilogy rings, fancy cut on top of fancy cut will give you an interesting look that still has longevity. Our new designs include an oval centre stone paired with kite, pear, or marquise shapes.”

Two stone rings, also known as Toi et Moi rings, are a particularly unique choice – but this style also has a deep heritage. It first gained popularity when the French Emperor, Napoleon, proposed to Josephine with a Toi et Moi ring in the 18th Century.

Discover our modern two stone rings with laboratory-grown diamonds, pairing emerald and pear cuts, or pear and marquise cuts.

4. Bold Band Stacks

While a simple, understated take on wedding bands is traditional, brides are increasingly choosing to style an individualised stack with multiple and unusual diamond bands.

Unique diamond eternity bands, half-eternity bands or 5, 7, or 10-stone rings can be stacked around a classic solitaire engagement ring to amplify, personalise, or update your look (or all of the above). Right now, bold bands are trending: think a continuous row of large-scale diamonds in round, oval, emerald, or marquise shapes.

Worn alongside an engagement ring, or as an engagement ring for a truly unexpected take; styled alone or stacked with multiple bands in a mix of stone shapes; statement bands are the ultimate style for creating a unique and personalised bridal ring look.

5. A Spectrum of Scales

When it comes to diamond size, both ends of the scale are trending – as is a mix of sizes. For the more traditional approach, the desirable size for solitaire rings is increasing for many people, driven largely by the rise of laboratory-grown diamonds which make high-impact carat weights more accessible.

On the other end of the scale, there’s a trend among modern brides for tiny, stackable diamond rings. “Our petite new promise ring styles are such a contemporary take,” says Maria. “Featuring small fancy cut diamonds, they look amazing when stacked together.”

For an individualised look, you can also juxtapose large-scale stones with micro ones; whether pairing a statement solitaire with dainty diamond wedding bands, a stack of bands in different scales, or wearing petite solitaires on the other fingers of your left hand for a fashion-driven approach.

Explore our bridal collection, including modern designs and timeless heirlooms. Expertly crafted to mark your love story, find the perfect engagement ring. Explore Engagement >