Rose Gold Jewellery

Discover our beautiful range of rose gold jewellery at Michael Hill, made with minimum 10ct gold for a shine that lasts.

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Rose Gold Jewellery at Michael Hill

An alternate option to yellow gold, rose gold has a classic look with a unique edge. It is a perfect complement to diamonds, making it a romantic choice for your engagement ring and wedding ring. It also looks beautiful with red, pink, and purple gems, so rose gold is the perfect setting for a trending morganite engagement ring.

Add some blushing radiance to your look and shop our rose gold earrings, rings, bracelets, and necklaces.

  • Is rose gold real gold?

    Yes, rose gold is a beautiful shade of real gold that is created by mixing pure gold with copper, and usually silver. If you opt for a piece of jewellery crafted in at least 10ct gold, then you know it is a quality piece crafted with genuine gold. A simple way to check is to look for the hallmark stamped on your piece of jewellery.


  • How do I style rose gold jewellery?

    Although rose gold jewellery might seem difficult to style, it is very versatile. With its warm pink shade, it’s universally flattering, and it’s also easy to style with different outfits.

    For the simplest way to introduce rose gold jewellery to your look, wear it as your only metal at one time. Matched metals are a sure-fire way to look pulled together. Try pairing some rose gold hoop earrings with a delicate rose gold bracelet; or layer a rose gold chain with another rose gold necklace. If you bring gemstones into your look, such as diamonds, rhodolite garnet, morganite, or opal, stick to one gemstone for chic styling. For a playful look, try mixing rose gold with other metals. It looks beautiful with white gold, and you can also pair it with yellow gold for a subtle mix.

    For some inspiration to style a rose gold engagement ring, see our tips here.


  • Is rose gold jewellery in style?

    Rose gold jewellery is a very popular modern choice for engagement rings and jewellery, but it is also timeless with its feminine, vintage look. Far from a passing trend, rose gold is flattering for everyone and is a warm, romantic alternative to yellow or white gold. A rose gold engagement ring will give you a unique edge compared to the more classic choices of yellow gold or white gold.