Stone Set Bracelets & Bangles

Add some extra sparkle and colour to your look with our beautiful range of stone set bracelets and bangles at Michael Hill.

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Choosing your stone set bracelet

A stone set bracelet will add sparkle to any outfit, and you will find a beautiful selection at Michael Hill. Whether you’re looking for pearl bracelets, diamond bracelets or birthstone jewellery, a stone set bracelet is a beautiful stand alone piece that can also be worn with your other gemstone jewellery to make you shine.

  • What are popular styles of gemstone bracelets?

    Popular styles of gemstone bracelets include classic pearl bracelets, sparkling diamond tennis bracelets and bracelets featuring birthstones, including sapphires, rubies and emeralds.

    Pearl bracelets are a popular option for wedding jewellery as well as anniversary gifts, while birthstone bracelets make beautiful birthday gifts. A stunning diamond tennis bracelet is a perfect gift for any occasion, and makes a thoughtful 10th wedding anniversary gift, as diamonds are the modern gift for this milestone.

  • Can I wear bracelets with different stone types?

    There are many precious stones that make the perfect pairing, and you can wear these together to elevate any look.

    Diamonds pair beautifully with most other gemstones, including pearls, rubies and sapphires. At Michael Hill you will find a selection of diamond tennis bracelets that incorporate rubies or sapphires for added sparkle, as well as pearl bracelets that pop with a dusting of diamonds. Wear these with your diamond rings and diamond earrings, and experiment with adding other gemstones such as amethysts and rubies for a truly unique shine.

  • Do stone set bracelets make good gifts?

    A stone set bracelet makes a stunning and thoughtful gift that will be treasured for a lifetime.

    When selecting a stone set bracelet for your loved one, choose a style that reflects their personality and means something to you both. A pearl bracelet makes a classic and elegant gift, while a diamond tennis bracelet could reflect your unbreakable bond. For a gift with added meaning, consider a stone set infinity bracelet, signifying the everlasting nature of your relationship.