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Engagement rings for men at Michael Hill

Looking for a men’s engagement ring for yourself or for your partner? Explore our male engagement rings, in a range of designs, metals, and precious metals.

  • Do men wear engagement rings?

    While engagement rings have traditionally been associated with brides-to-be, more and more couples are choosing to acknowledge their engagement with rings for both partners.

    There are a number of reasons for this, including changes in gender norms and an increased focus on gender equality, as well as marriage equality. The old ‘rules’ are shifting, and equality between partners also means equality in jewellery choices! Essentially, if you would like to wear an engagement ring, or buy one for your partner, go for it.

  • How do I choose a men’s engagement ring?

    Whether you are shopping for your partner, or choosing your own ring after becoming engaged, there are a few ways to ensure you pick the perfect engagement ring for him.

    Firstly, decide if you and your partner would like to have matching engagement rings. A simple way to match your rings is to choose styles in the same metal colour: for instance, yellow gold, white gold, or rose gold.

    At Michael Hill our men’s engagement rings also include titanium styles with yellow or rose gold accents, so you can create a subtle yet distinct link between both of your rings. White tungsten is also a great match for your partner’s white gold ring, and is a highly tough and durable metal.

    Of course, there is no rule to say that your rings must match, and the most important part of choosing an engagement ring is that it is a style you or your partner will love for life. If you’re choosing a ring for your partner, think about his personal style and his lifestyle.

    Would he prefer an understated band in plain metal or precious metal, or something more unique and standout, such as a patterned band, two-tone band, or a ring set with diamonds? If he is active or works with his hands, then a tungsten or titanium ring may be the perfect choice.

    Finally, ensure you choose the right ring size. Find more information on how to measure ring size and then select the perfect fit for you or for him.

  • On which finger do men wear an engagement ring?

    The traditional place for an engagement ring is the fourth finger of your left hand, also known as your ring finger. This is the same place that you would wear your wedding band.

    If you choose to also wear a separate wedding band after you’re married, the same tradition would follow, and your wedding band will be placed on your left-hand ring finger.

    It’s really up to your personal preference how you style your rings at this point! Your wedding band traditionally goes onto your finger first once you’re married, which is tied to an old belief that your left ring finger was directly connected to your heart. By putting it on first, your wedding band – and the symbol of your ultimate commitment – is closest to your heart.

    You could then continue to wear your engagement ring day by day, or for special occasions, by placing it on top of your wedding band. Or, wear it on a separate finger or your right hand as a fashion ring.