Vintage Engagement Rings

Discover uniquely romantic styles with our collection of vintage engagement rings at Michael Hill.

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Vintage Engagement Rings at Michael Hill

Discover uniquely romantic styles with our collection of vintage-inspired engagement rings.

Distinguished by their ornate look achieved by artful placement of diamond clusters and halos, vintage-style engagement rings have timeless appeal.

Recreating the glamour of times past, our vintage engagement rings include stunning floral-inspired halos and designs with an art deco feel. These beautiful rings have lasting charm, so you are sure to love your engagement ring for years to come, as much as you do the first time you see it.

  • Are vintage engagement rings in style?

    Vintage-style engagement rings are always in fashion. Far from a fleeting trend, they are inspired by the most timeless designs from times past, giving you an antique feel and modern appeal.

    Vintage-inspired rings are the perfect choice for brides who want to make a unique statement. If an individual look is what you’re after, you could also consider engagement rings featuring emerald cut or baguette cut diamonds, colour gemstone engagement rings, or intricately-shaped cluster and multi-stone diamond rings.