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3 carat diamond jewellery at Michael Hill

For an engagement ring or stunning piece of jewellery that can’t help but draw attention, discover our range of 3 carat total weight diamond pieces.

  • What is a 3 carat diamond?

    A diamond’s carat size refers to its weight, with one carat weighing 1/5 of a gram. A 3 carat solitaire is a single diamond with a weight of 3 carats.

    You can also find multi-stone diamond jewellery with 3 carats total weight, which refers to a piece made up of multiple smaller stones that together weigh 3 carats. Styles like these will give you the incredible sparkle and size appearance that you desire, for less than a solitaire of the same total weight.

  • Is a 3 carat diamond suitable for an engagement ring?

    A 3 carat diamond engagement ring is the perfect choice if you want a ring with attention-grabbing sparkle and impressive size. Considering that the most popular carat sizes for engagement rings are usually between 0.5 – 1.5 carats, a 3 carat engagement ring will definitely help you or your partner to stand out.

    To decide if a 3 carat diamond engagement ring is the right choice, consider which factors are most important to you in a ring. For instance, the carat size is just one of the diamond Four Cs; if you opt for a larger size, you might need to compromise on the colour or clarity grades of your diamond, depending on your budget. This is mostly a consideration for solitaire rings, or styles such as three-stone and halo rings where the individual stones are a focus.

    Also consider your lifestyle and what will suit you best. A 3 carat diamond solitaire will sit quite high from your finger, so keep this in mind if you work with your hands or have an active lifestyle

    You can still have all the size and sparkle you desire with multi-stone engagement rings. Choosing a cluster ring with 3 carats total weight of diamonds will give you definite wow-factor, and characteristics such as the colour and clarity grades of the stones will be less noticeable. Since these are made up of multiple tiny stones, you can find designs that sit closer to your finger, and they are also much more budget-friendly than solitaires of comparative size.

  • What is a 3 carat tennis bracelet?

    A diamond tennis bracelet is a certain style of bracelet, which is a flexible style made up of a continuous row of diamonds. They will usually feature round brilliant cut diamonds, so set into a continuous row around your wrist you’ll sparkle from every angle!

    Diamond tennis bracelets come in a range of carat weights. A bracelet with 0.5 – 1 carat total weight will have a finer appearance, made up of smaller diamonds. This will still give you beautiful and noticeable sparkle, but it is perfect for a dainty look or for layering with other jewellery. A 3 carat diamond tennis bracelet is ideal if you want to make more of a statement, or if you’re looking for a piece that is eye-catching enough to be worn alone.