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Top Engagement Rings for 2022

The Top Engagement Ring Trends for 2022

Planning to propose this year? Or did you become engaged over the 2021 festive season? (Congratulations!) While the perfect engagement ring for yourself, or for your partner, is a matter of choosing or falling in love with the one that connects personally, we have you covered with the inspiration to get started. Discover the top trending ring styles of 2022.  

Fancy Cut Diamonds

While round brilliant diamonds are the most-loved shape (for good reason), more brides are beginning to opt for a cut that’s slightly out of the ordinary. In particular, oval cut stones are enjoying the spotlight. This beautiful cut is just as timeless as a classic round shape, but with a unique edge; and it’s very flattering with its elongated appearance. Love this look? Keep an eye out for more oval-shaped diamonds coming to Michael Hill in the next few months! 

Vintage Inspired and Art Deco

Old-world elegance is always in style, and engagement rings with vintage or Art Deco inspired designs are trending. Vintage inspired engagement rings are instantly timeless, with detailed beauty and an heirloom feel that you can treasure always. These styles also offer a sense of uniqueness, giving you a beautiful ring that feels personal and individual.  

Laboratory-created Diamonds

Laboratory-created diamonds possess the beautiful sparkle and durable hardness that people love about natural diamonds. This is because they comprise essentially the same physical, chemical and optical properties, and crystal structure as their natural counterparts. Plus, they allow couples to find a ring with the spectacular look and carat weight they’ve been dreaming of, at a more accessible price point; making these extraordinary stones ever more popular.  

You can learn more about laboratory-created diamonds here

Coloured Gemstones

For brides seeking a point of difference, engagement rings featuring a coloured gemstone are a much-loved choice. Coloured stones offer a beautiful way to stand out from the crowd, and with each gem carrying its own significant meaning, it’s a deeply personal way to reflect your love story as well as your individual taste.  

Morganite in particular is trending, with its unique yet timeless blush hue. If you love this romantic stone, explore the recent arrivals to our exclusive Sir Michael Hill Designer Bridal Collection

Intricate Details

Your engagement ring is the most personal and significant piece you’ll own, and many brides are loving unique, intricate details to make their ring feel truly personal. This might take the form of a ring with a unique halo shape; a combination of diamond cuts; or a pavé band – whatever look that you connect with most.  

Classic Solitaires

Solitaire diamond engagement rings aren’t so much trending as they are always in style - and they’re just as popular now as ever. The ultimate classic, solitaire engagement rings allow the beauty of your diamond to take centre stage. They’re also highly versatile to style with wedding bands, eternity bands, and fashion rings on your other fingers, so you can create a look that’s authentically yours. 

Plus, at Michael Hill we have a wide range of beautiful solitaire rings to choose from – including our signature Solitaire featuring diamonds from the De Beers Code of Origin Trusted Source Program (pictured) – so you can find the perfect one for you. 

Shop trending engagement rings

Whether you are choosing a ring for your partner, or selecting one together, discover the perfect one from our wide range. Explore engagement rings online >  

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