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Two women choosing clothes at Dress for Success

Supporting Women’s Empowerment: our 2022 Partnership with Dress for Success

This year, Michael Hill is proud to continue our partnership with Dress for Success. Dress for Success is a global not-for-profit organisation that empowers women to achieve economic independence and improve their lives, by helping them to overcome various barriers.

Following our partnership with Dress for Success in 2021, we were committed to continue and expand our support of their crucial work this year.

Michael Hill Chief Marketing Officer (CMO), Jo Feeney, said, “Dress for Success does incredible work around the world, empowering women to have the confidence, tools, and inspiration to achieve and to overcome challenges they face in their lives. It’s truly a wonderful cause that is close to our hearts at Michael Hill.”

Dress for Success helps women by providing a network of support, as well as the tools and professional attire needed to help them take steps to secure job interviews and ultimately careers, helping them to gain financial independence.

“It’s about so much more than the clothes,” said Tamara Smith, CEO, Dress for Success Brisbane. “It’s that [our clients] feel seen, they feel valued, and they see that someone is walking beside them, believing in them, and they can then take that confidence into their life.

“When people leave our Styling Boutiques, they see themselves in a different way. And yes, they’re wearing different clothes … but what they really see is possibility and what they see is hope for their future.”

According to Tamara, the impacts of the pandemic have made the services offered by Dress for Success more crucial and more widely needed than ever. At the same time, it has been one of the most challenging periods to raise money that will help them provide these services. 

“We want to make sure we’re always here for every single person who needs us. So it has been extremely challenging – but every $200 we raise is another person we can help,” said Tamara. 

You can help us to support Dress for Success in their mission to empower women, simply by purchasing a pair of these cultured freshwater pearl stud earrings in sterling silver for $25. For each purchase until 31 May 2022 (or while stocks last), Michael Hill will donate $15 to Dress for Success. 

This donation will help us make a significant contribution to Dress for Success and their work in economically empowering women throughout Australia, New Zealand, and Canada.  

We spoke to some amazing clients and volunteers at Dress for Success to get a first-hand look at the important work they do, and the difference that it makes.  

Watch and read more below: 

Emma – Volunteer Stylist

“I love the immediate impact [working at Dress for Success] has. When you have people come in and they’re nervous or shy, and then they come out and tell you how good they feel about themselves. I had somebody say to me, ‘oh wow, I feel so beautiful’ – and that was really special for me.  

“That moment where they see themselves in a different way… is amazing.” 

Penny – Supported by Dress for Success

“I think that [Emma] went above and beyond. She was a super caring person and made me feel really comfortable and welcomed… I’m really grateful for the experience. 

I’m much less nervous about job interviews, which is incredible! It’s really taken a lot of the anxiety out of it because of that one element I was so stuck on. Dress for Success is so beneficial for giving people confidence, and I think it opens up options and doors for people who wouldn’t regularly get it.” 

Glory – Volunteer Stylist

“After knowing more about Dress for Success I realised I could do what I love while helping people. Every client is different and every experience is different, but what makes it memorable is seeing them walk out with a smile.  

What Dress for Success does is about more than just styling for a job, [it’s] to help clients boost their confidence and make a difference to their life, and help them be the best version of themselves.” 

Lara – Supported by Dress for Success

“I was hoping to put together a wardrobe that I could use to go and visit potential clients and suppliers … I was brought into good hands with Dress for Success and they’ve given me a lovely selection of clothes that I can wear, and feel confident and happy in as I’m going to meet people.  

It can be embarrassing for people to admit that they’re experiencing challenging or difficult times, so for that reason it’s wonderful this organisation is here to help those who are looking for ways to be able to help themselves to get to a better situation.”  

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