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How to: Build Your Essential Jewellery Wardrobe

Creating your essential jewellery wardrobe means you will have everything you need to elevate your outfits, and to express yourself for every occasion.  

With our top tips below, you can build your versatile, cohesive jewellery wardrobe – then mix, match, layer, personalise, or keep it simple!

Step 1: Set your base

Start with simple pieces in precious metals. These are the classic styles you can wear day by day and year after year. 

Choosing jewellery crafted in 10kt gold or sterling silver ensures a quality piece and lasting beauty. These essential jewellery styles add a touch of shine on their own, or form the perfect base for your jewellery layers.

  • Hoop earrings and stud earrings - two must-have styles that are perfect for every day, you can change it up between your hoops and studs depending on the look you’re going for. Make your essential earrings work for you by opting for your favourite metal, size, and hoop weight.

  • Chain necklaces - just like your earrings, you can customise to your style by selecting your ideal chain length and weight, as well as metal type and colour.

  • Bangles or bracelets - a chic solid bangle or a chain bracelet in gold or silver gives a subtle touch of shine and is perfect for tying together your jewellery look.

Step 2: Add sparkle

Once you've mastered your jewellery essentials, add some sparkle with pieces that are timeless and versatile enough to style with your everyday looks. 

  • Diamond solitaire studs - the elegant must-have that you’ll reach for every day, find the perfect diamond studs to suit you. Choose from round brilliant or princess cut, and dainty 0.15 carat TW (total weight) up to 2 carat TW of diamonds.

  • Tennis bracelet - a chic and enduring style to add glitz to your wrist. Diamond tennis bracelets are glamorous, yet classic enough to wear any time.

  • Pearl necklace - a beautiful strand of pearls adds polish to everything from a cocktail dress to a t-shirt. Wear alone for classic elegance, layer with other necklaces, or twist or knot your pearls for an individual look. If you prefer a minimalist approach, opt for a pendant necklace featuring a single pearl. 

  • Pendants - the perfect pair to your base-layer chain necklace, slip on a pendant for extra glimmer, or layer onto an additional chain for a trending look. From simple precious metal, to diamond solitaire pendants or symbolic shapes, collect a few to change up your look each day.  

Step 3: Bring in a personal statement

The most important part of styling your jewellery is that it should be unique to you, express your style and personality, and create a look that you love.

Have fun with your jewellery, and get creative!

  • Gemstone jewellery - add a pop of colour and an extra layer of meaning to your look with a gemstone piece. Each gem has its own symbolism, so you can choose the one that resonates with you. For extra personalisation, find your birthstone.

  • Personalised jewellery - there is often an emotional connection to jewellery – whether it’s a gift from a loved one or something to celebrate yourself. Make your collection even more special with pieces that express who you are – such as zodiac, initial, birthstone, engraved, or other symbolic jewellery.

  • Statement ring - once upon a time, jewellery was considered to be reserved for romantic gifts, and diamond rings were supposed to be for the left hand only. But these days, there’s nothing more powerful than buying a special piece of jewellery for yourself. The ultimate “bought it for me” style? A statement diamond ring.

  • Bold earrings - the simplest way to instantly elevate your look and bring elegance to every outfit, is with an eye-catching pair of earrings. From an extra bold hoop earring to graceful drop earrings or brilliant diamond earrings, these statement styles will take your jewellery layers to the next level or shine brightly alone.

Step 4: Time to layer 

Get the most out of your essential jewellery wardrobe by mixing, matching, and layering your pieces – for endless combinations and looks that are uniquely yours. 

  • Match your metals - the simplest way to create a cohesive look is to keep each piece in the same metal type and colour – for instance, yellow gold with yellow gold.

  • Mix your textures - if you are layering jewellery in one place, such as necklaces or bracelets, mix your textures to keep your look interesting. Try a plain chain layered with a pendant necklace, or a solid bangle next to a chain bracelet.

  • Start with your statement - if you’re wearing your bold diamond ring, a statement pair of earrings or an attention-grabbing coloured gemstone piece, put this on first, then choose the rest of your jewellery to complement it.

Add a new piece to your layers, or start creating your essential jewellery collection. Shop jewellery online ›

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