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Diamond Solitaire Earrings at Michael Hill

  • What are solitaire diamond earrings?

    Solitaire diamond earrings are a stud earring style which feature a single diamond. Solitaire refers to any style of jewellery that features a singular diamond stone – for instance, solitaire engagement rings or pendants.

    In the case of earrings, each individual piece in the pair features a single stone. The carat weight listed for the earrings refers to the Total Weight (TW)– in other words, the total carat weight of both earrings in the set combined.

    At Michael Hill we have an extensive range of diamond solitaire studs so that you can find the right pair to suit your style, or the perfect gift for a loved one. Each pair is set in minimum 10ct gold, for durability and a beautiful shine that lasts, and you can choose your favourite shade from yellow gold or white gold diamond studs.

  • What is the best shape for solitaire studs?

    Solitaire studs are most popular with round brilliant or princess cut diamonds. These are timeless shapes that will give you beautiful sparkle with their multifaceted cuts. It’s up to your personal preference whether you prefer the classic round brilliant shape or the modern square-shaped princess cut.

    The other factors to consider when choosing your perfect pair of diamond studs are the carat weight, and the colour and clarity grades of your stones.

    1 carat total weight (TW) diamond solitaire earrings are the classic choice, and they will give you a noticeable and glamorous look with plenty of sparkle. If you are after more of a statement look, 1.5 or 2 carat TW diamond studs might be just what you are looking for. However, smaller carat weights such as 0.25 or 0.5 TW will still give you a beautiful and sparkling look. Visit our earring size guide to determine how different carat weights compare in look.

    Depending on the look you are after, the colour and clarity grades of the diamonds might also be an important factor for you. Learn more about the Four Cs to help you choose your favourite look for your budget.

  • How do I style diamond solitaire earrings?

    Diamond solitaire studs are a jewellery wardrobe essential, as they are one of the most versatile pieces of jewellery you can own. They will also last for life and you can wear them every day, with any number of different looks, making them an ideal gift for special occasions or the perfect piece to treat yourself.

    Diamond studs are perfect worn alone, especially if you choose an eye-catching style. You can pair them with your favourite yellow gold, white gold, or rose gold jewellery to add a touch of sparkle, or match them with other sparkling pieces such as a diamond necklace, diamond bracelet, or diamond ring.

    Diamond solitaire earrings are also the perfect addition to a multiple-earring look. If you have a statement pair of studs that are 1 carat TW or larger, wear them in your lowest earlobe piercing and style them with other, smaller studs. Smaller diamond studs are perfect for wearing higher up on your ear with hoop earrings, drop earrings, or larger studs.

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