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LAB. Laboratory-Grown Diamonds Collection


Brilliance, grown differently.  

Laboratory-grown diamonds share essentially the same chemical, physical, and optical properties as natural diamonds: the difference lies in their origin. And at Michael Hill, they’re certified sustainable.   

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Certified Sustainable

The laboratory-grown diamonds available at Michael Hill are certified sustainability rated and climate neutral, in accordance with the SCS-007 Jewellery Sustainability Standard Series – Sustainability Rated Diamond from SCS Global Services.

Sustainability Rated laboratory-grown diamonds are assessed against five key pillars: Origin Traceability, Ethical Stewardship, Climate Neutrality, Sustainable Production, and Sustainable Investments. This means a laboratory-grown diamond which is certified under SCS-007 is sustainably grown; ensures the fair and ethical treatment of workers and communities involved in its chain of custody; and contributes to the protection of the environment and climate.

Unique Beauty

Laboratory-grown diamonds are grown from a diamond seed, and form with their own unique blend of colour, inclusions, and imperfections. No two are exactly the same.

Grown Differently

Laboratory-grown diamonds are formed by emulating the forces and conditions of Earth that produce natural diamonds. Not to be confused with a simulant, they’re classified as diamonds and are made of pure carbon: sharing the durable hardness and extraordinary radiance of natural diamonds.

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Ange Hardy

“Through our robust process we select premium laboratory-grown diamonds for our exclusive LAB. Collection, so you can find the spectacular stone or luxurious carat weight you’ve been dreaming of.”  

Best of LAB.

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