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Show your colours with our sparkling range of gemstone rings at Michael Hill. Choose your favourite colour, or the gem with your favourite symbolism.

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Gemstone Rings at Michael Hill

Make a statement with our vibrant range of gemstone rings. From fine, stacker style rings to bold showpieces, we have the perfect piece to add sparkle to your look or to make the perfect gift idea.

  • Which gemstones are the best for rings?

    Gemstones are ranked for their level of hardness using the Mohs scale. While this hardness refers only to how easily a gemstone can be scratched (not how resistant it is to knocks, for instance), it’s a good indicator as to how suitable a gemstone is to be worn on your hand, as they are more exposed to possible damage there.

    Diamonds are the hardest gemstone, with a Mohs rating of 10. They can only be scratched by other diamonds. Sapphire stones and rubies are the second hardest gems, making Sapphire Rings and Ruby Rings excellent choices for rings and particularly engagement rings, since these are worn every day. Ruby Rings are also a popular choice, providing a much sought after vintage look.

    Amethyst, aquamarine, peridot, rhodolite garnet, morganite, and tourmaline all have quite high levels of hardness, making them suitable for gemstone rings also.

    Pearls are a ‘softer’ gem and so pearl rings should be worn with care to avoid them scratching against abrasive surfaces, or coming into contact with harsh chemicals.

    Cubic Zirkonia Rings also make an eye catching statement an affordable choice.

    While emerald is a hard gemstone that does not scratch easily, it’s also important to note that it is not as strong as other gemstones, so like pearls, emerald rings should also be worn with care.

    All gemstone rings should be treated with care to keep them at their polished, sparkling best.


  • What is my birthstone?

    If you love gemstones but are unsure how to start working them into your jewellery look, the perfect place to start is with your birthstone. There are gemstones associated with each month of the year, and they have beautiful symbolism tied to birthdays that fall within that month.

    A gemstone ring featuring your friend or family member’s birthstone is also the perfect birthday gift idea! From January’s garnet to December’s blue topaz, find out the birthstone for every month.