Men’s Gold Rings

Shop our range of gold rings for men at Michael Hill. Our gold rings are crafted in at least 10ct gold, for durability and lasting shine, including yellow gold, white gold, and rose gold.

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Men's Gold Rings at Michael Hill

Whether you are searching for a stylish ring to add a shining edge to your look, or a wedding band to seal your commitment, our range of gold rings at Michael Hill are the perfect fit.

  • Are gold rings a good choice for men?

    Gold rings are an excellent choice for men to wear, whether as a male engagement ringfashion ring or a wedding band. Gold makes a timeless style statement, and choosing a piece of jewellery crafted in genuine gold means you will have a piece to last a lifetime. That is why gold is often the most popular choice for wedding rings, which are worn every day.

  • How do I choose a men’s gold ring?

    You can choose the best colour and style of gold ring for you depending on your personal style or, if it is a wedding band, you might choose to match your gold ring to your partner’s.

    If you are looking for a gold fashion ring, then the most important consideration is your personal preference as well as the other types of jewellery and accessories that you wear. For instance, if you wear a watch or chain in yellow gold, choosing a yellow gold ring will give you an effortlessly polished look. Our range includes white gold, rose gold, and yellow gold rings, so you can find your favourite. We also offer black titanium rings with accents of yellow or rose gold, for a unique look and modern edge.

  • Which finger should men wear a ring on?

    As it is the custom for most people to reserve their left-hand ring finger for a wedding ring, fashion rings will generally be worn on the other fingers of your left hand, or on your right hand. Most people will wear fashion rings on their index or middle finger. It is up to you whether you prefer your ring to be worn on your dominant or non-dominant hand.

    If you are shopping for a wedding band, then this ring will be worn on your ‘ring finger’, or the fourth finger of your left hand, which is the traditional place for wedding rings.

  • How do I find the right size for a men’s ring?

    When choosing your perfect ring size, you want to ensure that your ring fits snugly on your finger so that it doesn’t move around, but not so tightly that you can’t easily slip it on. There are a few ways to measure your ring size.

    For professional measuring, visit us at your nearest Michael Hill store where our teams will be happy to assist you. If you would prefer to work out your ring size at home, you can refer to our Ring Size Guide using one of your existing, properly fitting rings. Your ring size will be slightly different for different fingers, so make sure to use a ring that you wear on the same finger. You can also measure the inside diameter of your ring by placing it on top of a ruler and taking the measurement in millimetres. Then, use our size guide table, which you can find on the page for the ring you are looking at, to convert the diameter to your ring size. Our ring sizes are universal to men’s, women’s, and unisex rings.