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Pendant and Necklace Gifts for Christmas

A pendant or necklace is a beautiful and thoughtful gift, and Michael Hill’s extensive selection makes finding the perfect gift for Christmas easy. Choose from classic and on-trend designs crafted from precious metals such as sterling silver or white, yellow or rose gold. Show you care by selecting a piece your loved one will treasure for a lifetime.

  • How do I find the perfect pendant or necklace gift for Christmas?

    The perfect pendant or necklace for your loved one will be something you have selected just for them that reflects their style and personality or symbolises the special bond you share.

    When considering which necklace to buy your loved one for Christmas, try to select something that complements their existing jewellery collection, as well as something appropriate to your relationship. For example, a diamond necklace or pearl necklace is a perfect gift for a romantic partner, where a heart necklace or birthstone necklace is ideal for a family member or friend. An infinity necklace can symbolise the strength of your bond with your loved one. Whatever necklace or pendant you choose, any piece you select with care for your loved one will be sure to make them shine this Christmas.