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As rare as your love, Whitefire diamonds are hand-selected from the 1% of stones graded colourless worldwide. Learn More About the Collection ›

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Whitefire Collection Engagement Rings by Michael Hill

Discover a diamond engagement ring as rare as your love and as extraordinary as the one you love. Our exclusive Whitefire collection features rings crafted with independently-certified diamonds that are hand selected for their brilliant colourless attributes.

Only 1% of the world’s diamonds are graded colourless, and these stones are sought after for their beauty and brightness. These diamonds are visibly whiter to the naked eye than the near-colourless stones that are conventionally used in jewellery, giving you exceptional radiance for your engagement ring.

Discover an exquisite diamond ring to fall in love with from our Whitefire collection, with styles including solitaire diamond rings and sparkling double halo designs.

Light up the room on your wedding day by pairing your dazzling engagement ring with a Whitefire pendant and set of earrings.