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A good knot is not an accident. When you tie a knot, you set your intention, declare your purpose; to keep something close, to ensure a safe journey, to be able to set something free at a moment's notice.”

- Christine Hill


Practical made beautiful

Our exclusive Knots Collection is one that sits close to the heart of designer, Christine Hill. With this Collection she takes a practical, purposeful idea - the knot - and transforms it into a thing of beauty. So that it can be given or worn as a living reminder to hold on to your hopes, dreams, and all the love around you.

Wear it as a promise to yourself that the thing you've chosen to do, will be done. Or wear it as a reminder that love is when two people get tied together in the best possible way.

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Christine Hill

Christine Hill’s artistic talent has been part of the Michael Hill story from the beginning, as she lent her unique creative touch to interior design, visual merchandising, and catalogue illustrations. Christine designs three exclusive jewellery collections for Michael Hill, taking her inspiration from beautiful organic forms and purposeful objects with deep meaning, transforming them into wearable pieces of art.