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At Michael Hill we offer a wide range of engagement and wedding jewelry including engagement rings, women’s wedding rings, men’s wedding rings, and wedding day jewellery. You can also find a range of fashion Jewellery and beautiful Gifts ideas.

Engagement Rings

With so many engagement rings to choose from, you can be sure there is the perfect one to suit your personal style.

The most classic engagement ring style is the diamond solitaire, which showcases a single diamond on a precious metal band.

The solitaire is timeless and elegant, and can easily be styled with a wedding band, eternity band, and enhancer, to create a bridal look that’s unique to you.

Halo diamond rings are among the most popular engagement style. This design features a centre stone surrounded by a ring or ‘halo’ of smaller diamonds – or even a double halo – which amplifies the size and sparkle of your diamond ring.

If you are looking for a unique style, try a cluster or multi-stone diamond ring. These rings feature multiple smaller diamonds that can be cleverly clustered together to create a truly unique look.

If you prefer a touch of color, consider a colored gemstone engagement ring. Some of the most popular gemstones for engagement rings include sapphire and morganite, and you can find styles where these sparkling gems shine alone, or where they are surrounded by a halo of diamonds or a diamond band.

Wedding Rings

A wedding ring is the ultimate symbol of love and commitment. Exchanged on your wedding day, both of you will wear a wedding band as a lasting symbol of your union.

Women’s wedding rings come in a variety of styles. You can opt for a simple gold band, in yellow gold, white, gold, or rose gold. To ensure your wedding ring matches perfectly with your engagement ring, it is best to choose both rings in the same metal color.

For extra sparkle, consider a diamond wedding band. These designs usually range from a straight band set with diamonds, to unique twisted, contoured, and textured shapes.

Men’s Wedding Rings

Men’s wedding rings also come in a range of designs, so you can choose a piece that suits your unique personal style or one that matches your partner’s.

Men’s wedding rings are most commonly crafted in titanium, tungsten, gold, or platinum. If you want to make a statement, look for a wedding band with patterned or textured metal. And for the gent who wants to stand out from the crowd, consider a wedding ring with diamonds.

For extra sparkle, consider a diamond wedding band. These designs usually range from a straight band set with diamonds, to unique twisted, contoured, and textured shapes.

Wedding Jewellery

You have your stunning engagement ring on your finger, and your wedding rings carefully chosen to exchange when you say “I do”. Now it’s time to put the finishing touches on your perfect wedding day jewelry look!

The most classic choices for bridal jewellery include diamond jewellery, pearl jewellery, and precious metals. If you have chosen a diamond engagement ring, then wearing diamond jewellery on your wedding day will enhance the sparkle of your ring and tie your whole look together. Keep it simple with diamond studs and a delicate tennis bracelet, or go for a more glamorous look with diamond drop earrings and a dazzling pendant.

Pearls are an elegant choice and pair beautifully with an ivory, cream, or champagne colored wedding dress.

Wedding day jewellery in the same precious metal as your wedding ring and engagement ring will create a stunning, polished look.

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