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Personalisation at Michael Hill

Personalised jewellery allows you to tell your story through carefully chosen layers, or to give an especially thoughtful gift.

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Keepsakes Held Close

A locket allows you (or your loved one) to keep special people and memories close to your heart. Discover Lockets ›

Best of Lockets

Sentimental Stones

With a beautiful gemstone symbolic to each month of the year, choose the one that aligns to their birthday for a thoughtful gift. Discover Birthstones ›

Best of Birthstones

Etched with Meaning

For a gift that’s truly unique to them, personalise engravable jewellery styles with a significant date, name, or initials. Discover Engravable Jewellery ›

Best of Engravables

Wear Your Story

Layer your own initials, those of your favourite people, or any letters that have meaning. Or, choose significant letters to give as a gift. Discover Initial Jewellery ›

Best of Initials

Celestial Details

Celebrate what makes yourself or your loved one unique, with our range of precious star sign jewellery. Discover Zodiac Jewellery ›

Best of Zodiacs

Worth a Thousand Words

Choose a significant piece for your own collection, or a thoughtful gift, with a symbolic style that resonates. Discover Symbolic Jewellery ›

We've been helping you mark the moments that matter for over 40 years.

We're officially certified by the Responsible Jewellery Council.

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