How to: Diamond Styling - Yellow Gold VS. White Gold 

Your sparkling engagement ring takes centre stage on your hand, but you don’t have to keep your bridal look to just your ring and wedding band. There are so many ways to style your diamond, for a bridal look that’s all yours. We’ve styled two unique looks to inspire you, in yellow gold and white gold.   

Look 1: Yellow Gold

Step 1: Start with your Solitaire 

If you have a timeless solitaire engagement ring, it’s the most versatile piece to style with different shapes and textures to create your individual look. We have started our yellow gold look with a stunning, certified diamond solitaire.  

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Step 2: Add Wedding Band

While the purpose of your wedding band is to symbolise your love and commitment to your partner, the styling options for your wedding ring are endless! There are so many beautiful designs to choose from, including precious metal bands, diamond bands, contoured and textured shapes. We have chosen a contoured diamond band, which creates a sparkling half-halo effect around your solitaire.  

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Step 3: Add Eternity Ring 

Bookend your solitaire with dainty, sparkling diamonds, by placing a diamond eternity ring on top of your bridal stack. Eternity rings, or anniversary rings, are beautiful symbols of you and your partner’s everlasting love – and you can also find the perfect one to suit your personal style and level up the sparkle of your look! 

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Look 2: White Gold

Step 1: Start with your Sparkle

Even if your engagement ring is a dazzler, there’s no rule to say you can’t style it with extra diamonds. After all, who ever said no to more sparkle? We’ve started our white gold bridal look with a spectacular double halo ring from our Sir Michael Hill Designer Bridal Collection.  

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Step 2: Add Wedding Band

Play up that sparkle by adding a diamond band on your wedding day.  

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Step 3: Add Dainty Ring

Why stop at your ring finger? Experiment with adding a dainty diamond ring next to your bridal stack. This not only adds extra sparkle, it’s the perfect way to create a ring look that you love and that’s unique to you – you can choose any type of dainty ring that stands out to you. And, since this is not one of your bridal rings, you can also change up your look day-to-day by slipping on a different ring.  

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