How to: Organise your Jewellery with Sarita Holland 

Does your jewellery collection currently consist of multiple boxes here, there, and everywhere? Do you find yourself digging through 10 different cases to find the piece you want to wear when you’re trying to get ready? And sometimes stumble across pieces you completely forgot you had? 

We tapped the amazing Sarita Holland [@saritaholland] for her top tips and creative ideas for organising and displaying your jewellery. By organising your collection, you can make sure you’re storing your precious pieces safely, and that you can always find the piece you’re looking for on your way out the door (plus, inspire some serious #decorgoals).  

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Display your everyday pieces and current favourites

For those special pieces you put on every single day – such as your engagement and wedding ring, an heirloom, and those signature pieces you’re never without; as well as your go-to’s that match your current mood and style – display them so that you can quickly slip them on when you’re getting ready each day. Sarita finds creative ways to put her everyday jewellery on display, so it’s not only within easy reach, but it becomes a beautiful part of your décor.  

Keep it together  

Never forget a precious piece of jewellery you own again! Keep all of your pieces together, ideally in one compartmented jewellery case, so you can easily find the style you’re looking for.  

Just make sure you keep delicate pieces such as fine chain necklaces and bracelets separated so they don’t tangle, and use built-in slots or the original jewellery boxes or inserts for tiny pieces such as rings and earrings. 

Take it with you  

If you’re going away, or making a change of outfit after work, carry your jewellery with you safely in a travel case. This will avoid your precious pieces becoming tangled, or getting lost in the compartments of your bag. 

Have some extra space to fill in your new jewellery box? We have some ideas! 

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What’s your favourite way to organise your jewellery? Let us know - @michaelhillj #mymichaelhill 

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