Michael Hill - Unbreakable

Michael Hill -Unbreakable

One of the world’s hardest natural materials, a diamond is the ultimate symbol for strength. For two people whose bond will endure. For one person who won’t be shaken. For you. For you are unbreakable.

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Celebrate Your Bond

Find your perfect piece and express your unbreakable bond with an engagement ring as a symbol of your love story. Discover our range of modern, classic and vintage-inspired engagement ring styles.

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Celebrate Your Strength

Treat yourself to a gold and diamond ring that is a bold statement piece to celebrate you.

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Your Guide To Diamonds

What makes diamonds so special is that these natural creations have endured the test of time. One of nature’s most precious gemstones, a diamond's uniqueness and strength is derived from its cut, carat, colour and clarity. Each diamond carries its own unique qualities which determine its brilliance and value. Choosing a diamond engagement ring may feel overwhelming, but with a little understanding of the Four Cs as well as the types of styles available, you will feel confident in making your perfect choice.

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