Recently you purchased an item that qualifies for our Lifetime Diamond Warranty.

Our Michael Hill Diamond Promise and International Lifetime Diamond Warranty are here to ensure your satisfaction that our products will stand the test of time.

We’d love to invite you to store for a free clean and polish and to inspect your piece for any signs of wear and tear. We recommend your piece is inspected every 6 months to maintain your warranty.

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NB: Please remember to bring your Lifetime Diamond Warranty documents with you when you visit a store.

Terms and conditions of Lifetime Diamond Warranty.

What is covered?
1. We will replace, free of charge, any diamond covered by this warranty if it chips, breaks, or is lost from its original setting during normal wear. This includes the labour and materials necessary to set the replacement diamond.
2. The diamond content of the item is guaranteed to be a natural diamond with each of the characteristics stated in the Certificate of Authenticity, and;
3. The metal content of the item is guaranteed to be the stated purity on the Certificate of Authenticity.

Terms and Conditions
To make a claim under this warranty, the following conditions must be met:
1. The lifetime requirements as identified in the What is covered? section of this document must be met.
2. The product must be inspected at 6 month intervals by an authorised Michael Hill staff member in a Michael Hill store with the details of each inspection being recorded on the warranty document.
3. Any Comments/Required Maintenance entered by a Michael Hill staff member onto the warranty document must be completed at the time of inspection and recorded as completed on the warranty document.
4. In the event of a claim under this warranty, you must allow an authorised Michael Hill representative to:
a. Examine the original Certificate of Authenticity and Lifetime Diamond Warranty
b. Inspect the jewellery and any gemmological evaluation on which the claim is based
c. Remove the diamond from the jewellery for gemmological examination
d. Have the diamond and/or gold content examined by an independent gemmological laboratory
5. The condition of the diamond will be determined by examination under no greater than 10x magnification and by standard gemmological techniques.
6. If we have provided you with a plot or diagram mapping the interior or exterior features of the diamond, that plot or diagram has been provided for identification purposes only and the presence or absence of a feature on the plot or diagram will not be covered by the warranty.
7. In honouring this warranty, Michael Hill will replace the diamond or gold content which meets or exceeds the characteristics warranted on the Certificate of Authenticity.

The Lifetime Diamond Warranty is provided by Michael Hill International in addition to the customer’s rights at law and does not affect the customer’s existing rights at law.
The diamond/s identified in the Certificate of Authenticity document.
Metal Content:
The metal content identified in the Certificate of Authenticity document.
Owner Lifetime:
The lifetime of the individual purchasing the product or the lifetime of the first person the product is gifted to. Owner lifetime ceases if ownership of the product is subsequently transferred to another party.
Product Lifetime:
The reasonable lifetime of the product. This lifetime ceases at the point where the product is altered from its original form as described in the Certificate of Authenticity.